The Matrix TR Arena  is designed and driven by USA National Champions Gene Hickerson and Andrew Smolnik.  It is designed to out-handle, out-corner, and out-race any competitor. 
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Recent Wins and Achievements
- 2006 R/C Car Action Monster Madness - TQ and Win
- 2006 ROAR Florida State Series - TQ and Win
- MotoRoma 2007 - Win
-Ceara State Champs 2007- TQ and Win
-2007 Team
Losi Nitro Champs - 4x Matrix TR in A-main
-2006 Neo Buggy UK Invitation - 2nd

The Matrix TR Arena Truggy is what the racing world has been waiting for!  This Factory Tuned truck features options that racers demand.  With its forward mounted engine for effective weight transfer, 23mm lightened wheel hexes, to its unique composite chassis braces, the truck is bound to dominate the arena truck races!  The Matrix TR Arena is a no holds barred racing truck equipped with the highest quality materials to give the competitive edge over your opponents time and time again. 

The Factory Race Edition Matrix TR.  The Factory Race Matrix TR lightened blue anodized 23mm wheel hexes,  5mm red anodized 7075 T-6 CNC shock towers to stand up to the abuse of the supercross style jumps at the tracks,  Red anodized 7075 Inner Suspension Plates, as well as a carbon center diff plate for that trick factory look.   Just add your favorite truggy engine, pipe, and radio gear, you’ll be ready to start winning championships like CEN Factory drivers Andy Smolnik and Gene Hickerson. 

-Drivetype:  Full time shaft driven 4WD
-Triple fully sealed Viscous drive 6 gear differentials. 

-Fully tunable with different viscosity silicone oils.

-Equipped with fully sealed ball bearings

-Constant Velocity Drive Shafts front and rear. 

-Gearing: 66T spur and 14T clutchbell
-CNC 7075-T6 3mm thick Extended Chassis

-5mm CNC 7075 T-6 Red anodized aluminum front and rear shock towers

-Unique arched Composite Chassis Brace to reduce torsional and longitudinal chassis flex
Tuning Options  
-Caster: 20degrees stock, Adjustable from 19-22 degrees with optional CNC Hub Carriers

-Super Strong yet lightweight 8mm hollow aluminum turnbuckles offer fully adjustable camber

-3 hole Ackermann Steering plate allows for precise steering feel

-Rear Anti Squat and Rear Toe in fully adjustable with factory option mounting plates.

-Hard anodized Large Volume Big Bore 16.5mm shock bodies

-Large 14mm diameter shock pistons       
-Rugged 3.5mm shock shafts

560mm / 22.05inches
415mm / 16.34inches
 370-375mm / 14.57-14.76inches

Fully adjustable suspension with 15 possible shock mounting combinations for the front, and 18 possible shock mounting positions for the rear shock tower.

Large 16.5 mm aluminum shock bodies provide extremely plush suspension that soaks up the ruts and bumps. Big Bore Shocks with 14mm width pistons and extremely durable 3.5mm shock shafts

Why does the Matrix TR Arena have the best handling of any truggy?

Engine placed towards the front of the truck for effective weight transfer

Extended Chassis for increased stability on bumpy tracks

Composite Arched Chassis brace reduces the weight of the truggy and prevents chassis flex.

Increased front kickup for better rough track handling

Adjustable Wheelbase with a 10mm adjustment range(365-375mm)

23mm wheel hex
Low Profile body with High downforce wing Low CG design throughout

Unlimited Setup Options

Chassis Braces: The Matrix Arena TR utilizes composite horizontal arched chassis braces provide an extremely rigid chassis without compromising the weight of the truck. The design adds minimal side flex which aids the truck in bumpy conditions while providing more traction. Factory Race 7075 T6 Chassis
The Matrix Arena TR Pro Kit comes with an extremely strong 7075 grade hard anodized aluminum chassis. This 3mm thick chassis withstands the brutal punishment in everyday racing conditions. Race hard with this hand built durable chassis.

5mm CNC 7075 T-6 Red anodized aluminum fshock towers / Brace of the CEN Matrix TR Arena gives the truck unmatched durability.   lightweight yet rigid.  As a bonus the red anodized finish of the shock tower is sure to catch all the attention of your fellow racers in the pits.

Forward Mounted Engine
The engine is one of the heaviest components in the Matrix TR Arena. To make use of the engine’s weight the engine has been shifted towards the front of the truck on the Matrix TR Arena, this allows for greater weight transfer to the front of the truck to gain more steering

Cross-Pin Differential
CEN Racing is releasing new and improved cross pin differentials.  These new differentials provide more traction off power along with more stability on loose conditions.  The new differential system is extremely smooth and very effective for increased performance!
Shocks construction: Large 16.5 mm aluminum shock bodies provide extremely plush suspension that soaks up the ruts and bumps. Big Bore Shocks with 14mm width pistons and extremely durable 3.5mm shock shafts.

3mm 7075T-6 CNC Chassis has been extended for a longer wheelbase, allowing much better stability over even the bumpiest track out there. 


23mm wheel hexs: The Matrix Arena TR Factory Race Edition features blue anodized aluminum 23mm wheel hexes that have been machined to reduce rotational mass.  The reduced rotational mass allows for increased acceleration and lightens the overall weight of the truck.  They are 40% stronger than standard 17mm hex on most trucks.  Truck can utilize standard offset and 1/2in offset 23mm wheels

Captured Hinge pins: The Matrix Arena TR uses a captured hinge pin that reduces the use of e clips while offering a smooth and effective suspension.
Change Setup: Changing your anti squat and toe in is extremely easy. The anti squat and toe in are both built into one rear block. Change only one block (4 screws) when changing your set up. There are 6 different options to choose from. Fine tuning your Matrix Arena TR is quick and easy with this innovative system

Light weight Composite Radio Tray: The Matrix Arena TR is equipped with a light weight composite radio tray that is designed with strength, weight and simplicity in mind. No more heavy metal posts
Low CG Design: Laid down steering servo design is utilized it maximize low CG effect.  Everything is design to sits lower from differential, radio tray, radio box, center diff, to engine mounting. 

4 Disc Metal Brake System. This new system stops the lighting fast Matrix TR on a dime. Features include vented brake discs along with fully adjustable front and rear brake controls. Matrix TR is the only truggy in the market with front/rear adjustable brakes.
Light weight CNC Steel Spur Gear: The CNC Steel Spur is not only extremely durable, but has been milled to lighten it up. The lighter spur gear reduces the rotating mass which greatly affects the efficiency of the drive train.

T14 Machined Steel clutch bell:
standard on Factory Race edition. Vented to keep the clutch cool and allow debris to exit. Extreme durable and performance guarantee

New lightweight CNC aluminum Clutch shoes and 1.1mm Clutch Spring:
standard on Factory Race edition. These shoes grab the clutch bell with extreme grip, which allows the buggy to take off on command. CNC aluminum shoes last longer and deliver bottom end clutch power for racing purposes

Durability you can see: The Matrix Arena TR utilizes CEN's extremely durable turn buckle system which are very beefy yet lightweight. The turn buckles are hollow to increase strength and reduce weight. The rod ends are super thick for unmatched durability